Luke D

This page is the central page for most of my projects. From here, you can get a link to most things I've made which are public.


Most of my projects that are of any complexity and I have made public, are available at my GitHub.

GitHub Contributions

These are some of the repositories I've contributed code to on GitHub

Repository Reason Location
Uni-UniversityDominationA4 This is my team's Assessment 4 repository for out year 2 Software Engineering project. I would have forked it myself to keep consistency, however we needed to re-fork the original project. Nicodaw/Uni-UniversityDominationA4

Other Projects

I have some other projects that I have worked on which can be accessed online. Some of these will have their source available (I will have normally said this in the project and given a link). If the source is available, then it will likely be on GitHub anyway. The following is a list of my smaller projects:

Project Description Location
Twitter Bot - Random Retweets This Twitter bot will reweet any random tweet every 3 hours. It was mostly an experimental project in order to use the Twitter API. The backend is described below. Twitter: RandomRT_Bot
Twitter Bot - Random National Day This Twitter bot will randomly select a word from a starting list of around 4000, and will tweet it out with the phrase 'Today is Now National ___ Day' everyday at 5 UTC (it will never repeat a word). I made it because it was a novel idea, plus it uses MSSQL and Entity Framework Core to manage data. Twitter: RngNationalDay
Twitter Bot (Backend) The backend of the Twitter bots is all one project. I made an ASP.Net Core web app that uses Azure Schedulers every hour that fire a HTTPS endpoint in the web app. Everytime the endpoint is fired, the current hour and minute are passed to each bot to decide whether they should run. By making a web app, it also allows me to login and manage log and config data without having to re-deploy each time, and it allows for new Twitter bots to be added with a single small class each. Azure WebApp
Fuck Webpage (Joke) As a test of AWS Lambda and because I wanted to, I wrote a Lambda fucntion that returns a webpage with 'Fuck' in the centre. Each time the page loads, a random font is selected and applied to the text. Webpage
Fuck Of A Shit (Joke) Mostly a small test to learn how lambda works. The idea was given to me by my sister. Initially used to be similar to the 'Fuck' webpage, my sister suggested a more 'glitched' look and provided an image, which I made the Lambda function serve as well, and also suggested an easter egg if the user clicked the central image. Webpage


Luke - - Normal username: luvies

Old username: Gorea235 (or just Gorea)